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New England Food Summit : 2014

The fourth annual New England Food Summit was held June 12-13, 2014 at Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The summit included a focus on urban and metropolitan food system issues, as well as the central place of food justice and racial equity in food system sustainability. Four delegations (over 150 participants) were in attendance: six state delegations, young professionals delegation (ages 19-29), food funders delegation, and a cross-cutting delegation of individuals working at the regional level.

View the 2014 Summit booklet here.

2014 Summit Delegates

Erin Allgood, Food Education Network

Celina Adams, Thomas w. Haas foundation

Eva Agudelo, New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

Peter Allison, Farm to Institution New England

Ben Amsden, The Center for Rural Partnerships at Plymouth State University

Molly Anderson, College of the Atlantic

Mary Anthony, The 1772 Foundation

Peter Asan, City of Providence

Ken Ayars, Division of Agriculture, RIDEM

Amanda Beal, Sustainable Food Systems Research & Policy Consultant

Javiera Benavente, PVGrows

Richard Berkfield, Food Connects

Linda Berlin, UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Becky Bessette, RI Department of Education

Courtney Bourns, Henry P. Kendall Foundation

James Boyle, Connecticut Food Justice Young Professionals Corps

Jessica Boynton, UNH Sustainability Institute

Gabriela Bradt, NH Sea Grant

Matt Brodeur, Henry P. Kendall Foundation

Rebecca Brown, Ammonoosuc Conservation Trust

Tess Brown-Lavoie, Sidewalk Ends Farm, Little City Growers

Joanne Burke, UNH Sustainability Institute, UNH College of Life Sciences & Agriculture

Erica Campbell, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund / Farm to Plate

Kevin Carrasco, Nuestras Raices

Amy Carrington, Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success

Stacia Clinton, Health Care Without Harm

Cris Coffin, American Farmland Trust

Sharon Conard-Wells, West Elmwood Housing

Julie Conroy, Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Dorn Cox, GreenStart

Jackie Cullen, UNH Sustainability Institute

Elizabeth Cullen, Root Consulting

Marydale DeBor, Fresh Advantage LLC

Jessica del Rosario, Massachusetts Convergence Partnership/Health Resources in Action

Brian Donahue, Brandeis University

Maggie Donin, Intervale Center

Niaz Dorry, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

Mohamed Doud, Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success

Valentine Doyle, Lawson Valentine Doyle

Stevie DuFresne, College of the Atlantic

Tevonne Ellis, Greater Hartford YMCA

Olivia Farr, The John Merck Fund

Elisabeth Farrell, UNH Sustainability Institute

Lisa Fernandes, The Resilience Hub

Marjie Findlay, Claneil Foundation

Colleen Flaherty, UNH Sustainability Institute

Susan Furbish, UConn Health

Ruth Goldman, Merck Family Fund

Michael Good, Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont

Gemma Gorham, Brown University Institute for Community Health Promotion

Thai Ha-Ngoc, Henry P. Kendall Foundation

John Hamilton, NH Community Loan Fund

Jim Hanna, Cumberland County Food Security Council

Erica Hanson, Rhode Island Community Food Bank

Lynne Harlow, Vela Foundation

Jennifer Hashley, New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

Emily Horton, Healthy Androscoggin

Barbi Ives, Maine Food Strategy at Muskie School of Public Service

Christine James, The John Merck Fund

John Jemison, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Leah Johnson, Wholesome Wave

Betsy Johnson, Springfield Food Policy Council

Terry Johnson, Foundation for Healthy Communities

Ellen Kahler, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Jonathan Kaplan, Lyndon State College

Sarah Kelley, Island Foundation

Tom Kelly, UNH Sustainability Institute

Andy Kendall, Henry P. Kendall Foundation

Nanne Kennedy, Maine Sustainable Agriculture Society, Meadowcroft Farm

Jean King, Independent Consultant

M. Dawn King, Brown University

Alisa Klein, Proteus Fund

Julius Kolawole, African Alliance of RI

Orion Kriegman, Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition

Craig Lapine, Cultivating Community

Karen Lehman, Fresh Taste

Arthur Lerner, FRESH New London

Dan Lerner, UVM Extension

Adam Liebowitz, North Star Fund

Deborah Linnell, van Beuren Charitable Foundation

Drew Love, Real Food Challenge

Abel Luna, Migrant Justice

Britt Lundgren, Stonyfield Farms

Rachelle Lyons, Center for Rural Partnership

Travis Marcotte, Intervale Center

Jiff Martin, UConn Extension

Adan Martinez, Yale Sustainable Food Project

Sophie McKibben, Brown University

Janet McLaughlin, Vermont Community Foundation

Jean McMurray, Worcester County Food Bank

Nadifa Mohamed, St. Mary's Nutrition Center

Marilyn Moore, Witness Project of Connecticut, Inc.

Vivien Morris, Mass Food Policy Council/Boston Public Health Commission

Dana Morse, Maine Sea Grant, and University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Anthony Munene, Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success

Alicia Newton, YMCA

Lucy Nolan, End Hunger CT!

Roger Noonan, New England Farmers Union

Kevin O’Donnell, Hunger Mountain Coop

Curtis Ogden, Interaction Institute for Social Change

Elizabeth O’Gilvie, PVGrows, Gardening the Community, Springfield MA Food Policy Council

Jummy Olagundoye, Jam2Fit

Martha Page, Hartford Food System, Inc.

Peg Parker, Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation

Maegan Parrott, F.R.E.S.H New London

Ken Payne, RI Food Policy Council/ RI Agricultural Partnership

Jenny Pereira, Rhode Island Foundation

Kevin Peterson, NH Charitable Foundation

Carol Pickering, Dietel Partners

Linda Piotrowicz, Connecticut Department of Agriculture

Leo Pollock, Rhode Island Food Policy Council

Ned Porter, New England Farmers Union

Mary Praus, Franklin Regional Council of Governments

Dan Pullman, Fresh Source Capital, LLC

Ted Quaday, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

Jennifer Quigley Harris, RI Food Policy Council

Carinel Ramirez, Providence Housing Authority/RI Food Policy Council

Meri Ratzel, Independent Research, Socioeconomics in Fisheries; Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

Steven Reviczky, Connecticut Department of Agriculture

Shirley Richardson, Vermont Chevon, LLC

Nessa Richman, Brightseed Strategies

Kayla Ringelheim, Farm Fresh Rhode Island

Brian Roper, Sodexho

Jeff Rosen, Solidago Foundation

Katelyn Rozenas, Regional Environmental Council

Kathy Ruhf, Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Jenny Rushlow, Conservation Law Foundation

Olivia Saunders, UNH Cooperative Extension

Lisa Sebesta, Fresh Source Capital

Cynthia Silva Parker, Interaction Institute for Social Change

Mary Margaret Sloan, Vital Communities

Valerie Spain, Everett Department of Public Health

Karen Spiller, KAS Consulting

Annie Steeves, University of New Hampshire

Sam Stegeman, PVGrows/Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

David Stewart, McClary Hill Farm

Douglas Stuchel, Johnson & Wales University

Dorothy Suput, The Carrot Project

Ben Tettlebaum, Conservation Law Foundation

Brett Tolley, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

Ken Toong, UMASS

Sara Trunzo, Veggies For All / Maine Farmland Trust

John Turenne, Sustainable Food Systems, LLC

Daniel Ungier, Cultivating Community

Navina Vemuri, Hartford Food System

Karen Voci, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation

Kirsten Walter, St. Mary's Nutrition Center

Marilyn Warren, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center

Bart Westdijk, New England Grassroots Environment Fund

Trina Whitridge, The John Merck Fund

Jennifer Wilhelm, Sustainability Institute

Janet Wilkinson, NOFA NH

Abbey Willard, Vermont Agency of Agriculture

Nicola Williams, The Williams Agency/Sustainable Business Network of MA

Tom Willits, Lydia B. Stokes Foundation

Enid Wonnacott, NOFA Vermont

Ruby Woodside, Food Solutions New England