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Do you buy local seafood? How do you know?

Portland Fish ExchangeYou’ve gotten pretty good at making choices that maximize your consumption of local meats, dairy, and vegetables. You’ve learned how to weigh the options, you’ve learned how to modify your recipes to what’s available, and you’re feeling pretty good.

Now you want to be sure that you’re eating local seafood. You ask the person at the seafood store or at your grocers’ counter where their fish came from. The chances are that this person knows whether it’s fresh-caught or farmed, and has some idea of where it came from, but it’s highly unlikely they know how it was caught, when, or by whom. These things matter, and you may not know why. In fact, you may not even know how much you don’t know about fisheries.

The Maine Food Strategy, in partnership with Penobscot East Resource Center, has written a Fisheries Primer to take the first step towards closing this knowledge gap. The Fisheries Primer doesn’t answer all the questions that relate to fisheries. It doesn’t even ask all the questions. What it does is give you a flavor of the many, many issues that are involved in fisheries. We hope that if you’re having conversations about your food system, you will start to incorporate fisheries and that this primer will help you get some basic footing. 

Find reports and policy papers analyzing the state of Maine’s agriculture and fishery sectors on Maine Food Strategy’s Reports Page.

Barbara (“Barbi”) Ives serves on the Maine Food Strategy Leadership Team, works with the initiative’s Steering and Research Committees, and manages the business functions of the initiative. In her spare time, Barbi is a beekeeper.

Photo credit: Susan Tompkins, Rising Tide PR at the Portland Fish Exchange

Featured Image of Portland Fish Exchange courtesy of Susan Tompkins, Rising Tide PR