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Food Solutions New England Network Leadership Institute

The 4th Year of FSNE's Network Leadership Institute is underway!
Meet the participants in the 2019-2020 Network Leadership Institute 
Our next application period will be during May of 2020 for a Fall 2020 program.

Food Solutions New England (FSNE) helps to grow, strengthen, and diversify food system leadership across our region. We are seeking regional thinkers and doers to participate in the second FSNE Network Leadership Institute.

Who do you know that is active in food system efforts locally and/or regionally, who is committed to FSNE’s values, and who would be eager to participate in the New England food system network in this way?


What's the Purpose of the Network Leadership Institute?

Are you thinking of applying for the Network Leadership Institute?  It can help you to:

  • Increase your understanding of how to participate in the FSNE network to get your own work done more effectively
  • Gain valuable skills in facilitative leadership, network leadership and development, and stakeholder engagement
  • Deepen your knowledge of our dynamic and emerging food system in New England
  • Understand our regional strategy for advancing the New England Food Vision and leveraging it for food system momentum 
  • Connect with a cohort of existing and emerging food system leaders from across the FSNE network
  • Be a more active participant in the creation of a just, equitable food system across New England
The application period for the next cohort will be in May of 2020 and the program will start the following fall.  If you haven't already, please join our e-news list (link at top right) so that you will be alerted to the next opportunity for this program!


Meet the participants in the 2019-2020 Network Leadership Institute 
Meet the participants in the 2018-2019 Network Leadership Institute
Meet the participants in the 2017-2018 Network Leadership Institute
Meet the participants in the 2016-2017 Network Leadership Institute



The FSNE Network Leadership Institute is made possible by a grant from the Angell Foundation, as well as support from the Henry P. Kendall Foundation. If you would like to support future iterations of a robust Food System Network Leadership Institute, please get in touch!