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How We Work

As an evolving regional network, Food Solutions New England (FSNE) promotes diverse forms of participation. We support decentralized action, as well as a structure that serves crucial network leadership functions. To fulfill the ongoing operational needs of convening, coordination, communications, and fundraising, FSNE has “backbone support” from the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute and other formal teams that provide ongoing network guidance and support. We encourage engagement by all individuals and organizations that align with the Vision, values, and strategic priorities of the network.

Network Team:

The Network Team is made up of change agents from the New England food system who share common values and are strategic, well-networked, practitioners from key sectors and cultural perspectives. The Network Team serves as the principal steward of the FSNE regional network, while cultivating greater connectivity and alignment around the FSNE Vision and Values, and supporting collaborative actions to advance FSNE goals. The team works together to: identify key resources to support the network; maintain and evolve the collaborative culture and capacity of the network; ensure ongoing stakeholder engagement; model and affirm our commitment to racial justice; and share learning and FSNE’s work with other networks and organizations. Current Network Team members are:

Past Team Members

Process Team:

The Process Team includes the Backbone Team as well as current and former members of the Network Team. Specific responsibilities include: proposing and ensuring the integrity of the overall FSNE process; identifying and prioritizing key steps and decisions that need to be taken by the Network Team; drafting documents related to the Network Team; performing leadership duties assigned to the Process Team by the full network; and fundraising for and stewarding FSNE. Current Process Team members are: 

Backbone Team:

Staff at the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute (UNHSI) and the Interaction Institute for Social Change provide key administrative and coordinating functions for FSNE, including: overall project management; hiring staff, including consultants; fundraising and managing funds; facilitating communication among teams and network members; planning, convening, and facilitating meetings with network teams and the public; researching, gathering, analyzing, and distributing resources and information critical for strategy development; and overall assessment and evaluation of network impact. Current Backbone Team staff are:

  • Tom Kelly, UNH Chief Sustainability Officer, UNH Sustainability Institute Executive Director
  • Elisabeth Farrell, Project Director, UNHSI 
  • Jane D'Antonio, Project Coordinator, UNHSI 
  • Curtis Ogden, Facilitator, Interaction Institute for Social Change
  • Lisa M Fernandes, Communication Director, UNHSI  

Ambassador Team:

The Ambassador Team comprised of Network Team members. This team takes the FSNE Vision and Values and its commitment to racial equity to communities across the region. The Ambassadors’ work was launched in January 2015 in the most populated and diverse geographic area, the southernmost states of our region: Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. This team works together to identify and make connections with new and diverse partners, organizations, and individuals; to create a space for more racially diverse leadership and mentorship opportunities for equity in the food system; and to ensure more connectivity between community efforts, the broader regional food system, and a racial equity agenda. Current Ambassador Team members are:

Funding partners:

FSNE is grateful for the support of our generous funding partners:

Featured image courtesy of Red Fire Farm.