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Tell Your Story! Share Your News!

Short or long. Written, visual, audio or video. Original or cross-posted from elsewhere. We welcome your submissions!

Submit your story to the FSNE Blog!

We want to help you share stories about the food system work happening in our region (or even beyond), what you are working toward, how we might be making progress toward A New England Food Vision or trying to embody the values inherent in our regional network. The FSNE blog is a way to spread your stories, learn from one another, share and receive inspiration for the collaborative journey of creating the next version of our food systems!

For the FSNE blog, people write about a range of issues central to food system work: the food system in general; race, equity, and social justice; networks and community building; agriculture & fishing, policies, action items, events. Posts can illuminate issues around food production, processing, distribution, food security, food sovereignty, food chain workers, land use, health & nutrition, food waste & recovery to name a few. Consider the FSNE blog as part of your strategy for raising awareness, changing attitudes and motivating change.

Blog posts are published four to eight times per month, appearing on the FSNE homepage, blog page and RSS feed, relevant state pages (if appropriate), and promoted through our growing social media channels. We may highlight blog posts in our email newsletter which provides even more visibility for your work. Find past stories here.

General Suggestions & Guidelines
  • Organize your post to give a sense of why the people, places, products, or topics you are covering are important for readers to know about. For example: What were the challenges? How was a problem solved? What were the results or impacts? Summarize lessons learned.
  • Relate your story to one or more aspects of the FSNE network values and/or A New England Food Vision and how the outcomes highlighted in the story help the region reach these goals or embody these values.
  • Your post can be written as a report, a story, an interview, a Q&A. It can be a profile of a person, business, project or even a cool idea. We are open to a variety of formats.
  • We are open to short (<500 words), medium (500-800 words) or long-read format articles (>800 words) and can link back to your web site or social media accounts.
  • Sometimes a short post of three to five great sentences in support of a photo to report some immediate news or your presence at an event is just fine. We are also happy to post short video clips (1-3 minutes) with a few supporting sentences as part of the blog.
  • Provide links in the text to direct readers to more information. Use plain language to make the post accessible to a wide audience. Avoid or explain acronyms or industry jargon. Break up content with section headings for easier reading.
  • Suggest a headline & please provide a byline for yourself (name/pronouns/organizational affiliations/contact info).
  • Stories can be written in third person or first person as long as you’re consistent throughout.
  • Please provide one to three images so that your written post will get more traction and visibility.
  • We may make minor edits for readability and will share those with you prior to publishing if applicable.
  • If you would like to write in a language other than English, we would also welcome that! If you want to write in English but are not confident in your skills, please submit something anyway and we can provide some additional editing support if you like. If you would like your post translated and offered in multiple languages, we would find a way to support that.
How to Submit
  • Send unformatted text as a Word document or Google doc to (You can also email Lisa just to try out an idea for something you’d like to submit before doing all the work).
  • Include photos as separate files (i.e. not embedded in the text); let us know who took the photo or where you got it if it’s not yours.
  • Please include preferred timing of publishing if relevant for events, etc. A minimum of two to three business days lead time is helpful, but if you need something posted more urgently, let us know. The more time you can give us the better, but let’s talk!