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Making the Business Case for A New England Food Vision: Creating Conditions that Support Diverse Food-related Enterprises

Thursday, June 30, 2016 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Cambridge, MA
A Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts "B2B" Session presented by Food Solutions New England

Profitable food-related businesses are integral to the New England Food Vision. The Vision describes a future in which at least 50% of the food consumed in our region is grown, raised, caught, and harvested in the region by 2060 ("50 by 60"); sustainable farming and fishing provide healthy food for all; and racial equity and food justice promote dignity and quality of life in thriving communities across New England. A resilient and expanding network of diverse enterprises, operating at different scales across the food system, will be key to achieving this Vision.

Members of the Food Solutions New England network's Core Team will lead an interactive discussion with local business leaders. We will learn from businesses who are already contributing to the “50 by 60” Vision as well as those who are considering how they can get involved.

We will explore critical questions including:

  • What do businesses need to be successful in the emerging New England food system?
  • What kinds of state, local, and federal policies would make success for existing and new enterprises most likely and attract more entrepreneurs and resources?  
  • How can the Food Solutions New England network join forces with the Sustainable Business Network and other business and economic development networks to develop shared goals and strategies for collaboration?

Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts - 99 Bishop Allen Drive, Suite 100, Cambridge, MA 02139



Featured image courtesy of Shelburne Orchards.