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Building community, with a personal touch

Audra Anderson of Newmarket believes in the “knock and visit” approach to community-building. She and her husband, Karl, had lived in Heron Point Estates, a manufactured-home park in Newmarket, for 17 years. Last August, they and their fellow residents formed a cooperative and, with a loan from the Community Loan Fund, bought their community.

Audra Anderson at ROC-NH's 2014 Community Leadership graduation.

Soon after the conversion, when the co-op needed to conduct a household survey, Audra volunteered to go door-to-door. She was amazed to learn that, even though the community contains only 37 homes, she had never met some people who lived there.

That soon changed. Audra served on the committee that established the new co-op’s rules, joined Heron Point’s membership and social committees, and was elected secretary of the board of directors. Read More.

Courtesy of Community Loan Fund:

Featured image courtesy of John Benford Photography