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A New England Food Vision

A New England Food Vision is a collaborative report that considers the future of our region: a future in which food nourishes a social, economic and environmental landscape that supports a high quality of life for everyone, including generations to come.

50 x 60 A New England Food Vision Incorporating more than three years of collaborative research and input from hundreds of voices from throughout New England, A New England Food Vision calls for our region to reach a bold goal of ™50 by 60 building the capacity to produce at least 50% of clean, fair, just and accessible food for all New Englanders by 2060.

A New England Food Vision imagines a new future that is possible if society were to commit to supporting a sustainable food production in New England. We hope this report will compel people to act by creating new conversations, new collaborations and new, actionable plans. We seek to engage diverse voices and create new inspiration that will lead to healthy food and thriving communities.

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Suggested Citation for A New England Food Vision

Donahue, Brian, et al. A New England Food Vision. Durham, NH: Food Solutions New England, University of New Hampshire, 2014.

Putting the Vision to Work

Check out this Sustainability Briefing, from the Sustainability Institute at UNH, to learn about A New England Food Vision, and how it is being put into action.

Read the Briefing

Check out this webinar, recorded March 17, 2015, to learn about A New England Food Vision, its bold goal, and how the Vision is being used in communities across the region.

View the Webinar