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Past Team Members

Network Team Members, 2012-2017: 

Many people have contributed to the Network Team, including during the design phase of the network. Former Network Team members, with their affilation at their time of service are:

  • Diego Angarita Horowitz, Nuestras Raices
  • Javiera Benavente, Pioneer Valley Grows
  • Emily Broad-Leib, Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic
  • Joanne Burke, University of New Hampshire
  • Sarah Byrnes, Institute for Policy Studies
  • Erica Campbell, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund
  • Stacia Clinton, Health Care Without Harm
  • Cris Coffin, American Farmland Trust
  • Jessica Collins, Partners for a Healthier Community
  • Niaz Dorry, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance
  • John Dumais, New Hampshire Grocers Association
  • Vera Francis, Passamaquoddy educator
  • Emily Freund, Jones Family Farm
  • Gilma Galdamez, Hispanic Health Council of Connecticut
  • Rachel Greenberger, Food Sol at Babson College
  • Dana Hudson, Farm to Institution New England
  • Christine James, John Merck Fund
  • Beth Kennett, Liberty Hill Farm
  • Mark Lapping, University of Southern Maine Muskie School
  • Glynn Lloyd, CityFresh
  • Zoe Madden, Connecticut Food System Alliance
  • Margaret McCabe, UNH School of Law
  • Ken Morse, Farm to Institution New England
  • Jen Obadia, Health Care Without Harm
  • Tekowa Omara-Otunnu, Connecticut Food System Alliance
  • Jesse Robertson, American Farmland Trust
  • Jenny Rushlow, Conservation Law Foundation
  • Sofia Segura-Perez, Hispanic Health Council of Connecticut
  • Sam Stegeman, Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture
  • Cameron Wake, University of New Hampshire
  • Arvia Walker, Planned Parenthood of Connecticut
  • Greg Watson, Schumacher Center for a New Economics

Process Team Members, 2012-2017:

Current and former Network Team members have also served on the Process Team:

  • Peter Allison, Farm to Institution New England
  • Joanne Burke, University of New Hampshire



Featured image courtesy of Red Fire Farm.