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Natural Beekeeping Course

Sunday, February 25, 2018 - 2:00pm
Boxford, MA

This is a series of three workshops for the beginning beekeeper who wants to keep bees without pesticides or antibiotics.

It is being hosted by ifarm, a restored 19th-century farm adapted for permaculture, in Boxford, MA (40 minutes north of Boston,

ifarm is excited to welcome expert natural beekeeper Charlotte Trim, who has been beekeeping for a dozen years with a constant focus on bee health. She
will teach participants everything they need to install and care for a successful natural (aka no pesticides or antibiotics) beehive, including:

  • Where and how to purchase bees and appropriate supplies
  • Hands-on hive set-up
  • Keeping bees healthy without pesticides or antibiotics
  • Identifying and managing (or eliminating) diseases and parasites
  • Making beekeeping enjoyable and simple
  • Bee life cycles
  • Harvesting honey
  • Winterizing the hive

The series takes place on three Sunday afternoons (February 25th, March 11, and March 18) from 2-4:30 pm. It will prepare beginning beekeepers in time to
order their bees and set up their hives for 2018.

For more information on the series, you can see the full event at:

Featured image courtesy of Shelburne Orchards.