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Holyoke Food Justice Conference

Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
Holyoke, MA

Nuestras Raíces and Holyoke Community College are pleased to introduce the first annual Holyoke Food Justice Conference on May 6, 2017, at Holyoke Community College. The conference will host a diverse group of nationally-recognized food movement leaders who will share from their experiences working towards food justice and their visions for the work ahead.

At Nuestras Raíces, we are continuing to advance our work of building a sustainable and equitable food system for all residents of Holyoke and beyond. Given the current political climate, we firmly believe we must strive harder than ever to build an inclusive movement for a just, racially equitable, and sustainable food system: one that addresses privilege and access, values indigenous knowledge, and is led by, represents, and lifts up people of color and those from underserved communities. Inequity is present across the food chain, manifesting through the low wages and unfair working conditions experienced by food producers and vendors, the spread of food deserts, and unequal food access in marginalized communities. Now is the time to reclaim our food system and advance food equity through social and political change.

The conference will explore the historical roots of food inequity and evaluate our current food system. We will look at policy strategy across movements working nationwide to make our food system more equitable for all. Finally, we will share reflections on our 25 years of work at Nuestras Raíces at the intersection of food, culture, and urban agriculture in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Conference Speakers:

Leah Penniman (Soulfire Farm)

Ricardo Salvador (Union of Concerned Scientists)

Eric Toensmeier (Food Forest Farm, Holyoke)

Maria Cartagena (The People’s Historian, Holyoke)

Twila Cassadore (San Carlos Apache Tribe)

Liz Ogilvie (Gardening the Community)

Arcenio Lopez (MICOP (Mixteco Indigena Community Organizing Project)

Jennifer Weston (Standing Rock Sioux, UMass Boston)

Featured image courtesy of Shelburne Orchards.