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CT NOFA Winter Conference

Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 8:00am to 5:00pm
Danbury, CT

event flyerOrganiConn is an organic celebration & learning extravaganza created by CT NOFA for Farmers, Gardeners, Foodies, and Families! Featuring 40 workshops, Keynote Speaker Dave Chapman, great shopping from local vendors and farmers, plus lunch and learning all day. Check the CT NOFA website all the details, to register, or to join us as a vendor or exhibitor. 


The Fight For Organic Integrity & What Savvy Organic Eaters Need To Know: How the USDA Organic label has strayed from its origins, what that means to us, and how to identify foods grown with the original organic values

ABOUT DAVE CHAPMAN: Dave Chapman grew up on a dairy farm in Lancaster, PA and has farmed organically for the last 37 years with his wife Claudia on Long Wind Farm in East Thetford, VT. The farm has evolved from an oxen-powered field vegetable farm into a greenhouse vegetable operation specializing in (delicious) tomatoes. Their 2.5 acres of glass greenhouses shelter wonderfully rich soil on the banks of the Connecticut River. Dave was a founding member of the Vermont Organic Farmers and in 2017, he was given the ‘Farmer of the Year’ award at the NOFA Summer Conference for their farming achievements and his recent work fighting to “keep the soil” in organic, as defined by the National Organic Program. His advocacy work began four years ago when he was shocked to learn that many of the vegetables and berries being sold as organic were actually hydroponic products that are grown without any soil, at all. This led to his participation in the USDA Hydroponic Task Force, and to a checkered career as an opponent of the corporate takeover of the NOP. 
ON THE ORGANIC LABEL, BY DAVE CHAPMAN: In the last ten years, we have seen explosive growth in demand for organic food. Certified organic sales reached $50 billion in 2017. The very success of the National Organic Program has perhaps spelled its doom. We will try to understand what has happened to the National Organic Program (NOP), which has been the subject of a series of articles from the Washington Post exposing the failures of the USDA to protect organic integrity. As the NOP has redefined organic to suit the demands of corporate agriculture, the organic movement has woken up and begun a protest movement that continues to this day. The question is whether the National Organic Program and the organic movement are coming to a parting of the ways? As healthy soil becomes ever more significant in our ability to heal a broken water cycle and a warming planet, the need for leadership from the organic movement becomes critical. We will look at the fraud, the protests, how to identify truly organic growers, and try to understand what to do next to protect organic.

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Featured image courtesy of Shelburne Orchards.